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Gavin is a Botanist and Garden Historian, Jenny an Environmental Scientist, and Vita a young insect-loving dynamo.  We are a nature-loving family, and live with a great compassion for the natural world, tending the earth, producing food, and following the creative and hand-crafted principle of the Arts & Crafts movement.  

We built the Little Hare Lodge and its adjacent March Hare Cottage with all of these principles in mind and a great deal of love.  Made with the help of local craftsmen, we included recycled materials, sustainability principles, and renewable energy to create a dwelling that is kind to its environment and befitting the local vernacular.

With the Little Hare Lodge we want to create a space for people to slow down, take a deep breath, and enjoy the good feeling that comes with being connected to nature

Providing friendly and relaxing accommodation in a beautiful senario.

Sustainable, using renewable energy and organic environmentally friendly products.

Pet friendly with a secure garden with off road parking.

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